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Elevating Veterinary Diagnostics

At AffiGEN, we are dedicated to advancing veterinary medicine through innovative diagnostic solutions. Our AffiVET® product line represents our commitment to providing high-quality veterinary ELISA kits and rapid tests that empower veterinarians, researchers, and animal health professionals to make informed decisions and improve animal care.

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About AffiVET®

AffiVET® is designed with a singular focus: to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of veterinary diagnostics. We understand the critical role diagnostics play in the well-being of animals, and we are proud to contribute to this field with reliable and user-friendly solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support animal health and welfare by delivering accurate and dependable veterinary diagnostic tools. We believe that by providing veterinarians and researchers with the right tools, we can contribute to better health outcomes for animals of all species.

What We Offer

Our AffiVET® product range includes a wide selection of ELISA kits and rapid tests designed for various veterinary applications. From disease detection to monitoring, our products are developed to meet the unique challenges faced by veterinary professionals.

Quality Assurance

We understand that accuracy is paramount in veterinary diagnostics. That's why every AffiVET® product undergoes stringent quality control procedures to ensure reliable and consistent results. You can trust AffiVET® for precise and dependable diagnostic solutions.